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Gretsch Guitars G6120RHH Reverend Horton Heat

Sound Quality

Most of the time when you read a review for an expensive guitar here and it says this is the best sounding guitar I ever heard you pretty much assume the guy is just trying to justify dropping a load of cash. But I have to say this is the best sounding guitar I have ever heard! Now to just get my playing up to that level. ;) Hollow body Gretschs are much more versatile than may people think. country, rockabilly are givens but they work great for Blues, rock, ok I'll say it even... metal. Ok I'm an old fart now and metal to me is AC/DC, and I don't see Metallica forsaking their EXP's, and the Shredders are gona keep their Ibeenhads and Jacksons, Death metal?? Lets see a pentagram brand, cow skull inlays... err nevermind.


I don't see any potential problems. Fender has been one of the best things to happen to the Gretsch company. (Don't fall for the Pre-Fender crap on eBay) and I havent read of any Reliability/Durability problems with the post FMIC guitars.


General Comments

This guitar has been out for almost a year now, and this is the first review.. that should tell you something about it. those who own it are too busy playing to mess around with this internet stuff!


Really this is the perfect guitar for me. Could anything be better?


Well for the cash it cost it would of been nice to get the cowboy case.


It might be nice to have a made in USA version, but I fear the price would be more than buying a real 50's 6120. And honestly I don't know if it would be any better, frankly the Fender/Gretsch combo may be making the best Gretsch guitars ever. Yes it's that good.


Is the guitar worth $1,000+ more than the normal 6120-60? I think so but that choice is up to you.




Reviewer's Background

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