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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

This is my third set since the JMP-1 came out, I started with the JMP-1 and 9100+1960 when it came out.these days I have one simular set but the with eL34 100/100 poweramp,the only thing i dislike is that thare is a little harshness when tones are sustainig (crunch) it sounds like the solid state circuit is overloading the tube circuit.(it's a hybrid as you know).soundwise it's a good piece to use it for what it is supposed to do MARSHALL SOUND with all the positive and negative issues of Marshall sound. to me it's one of the nicest preamps NOTE!!!! Not the best ,absolutely not,but it's a preamp great preamp.


with normal use and racked up what could go wrong seen broken parts on others but never on my gear.

General Comments

I'm a pro for many years now (30 years of playing)and I'm 36 years old.I play mesa boogie rack sets and used almost all the brands expansive and inexpansive,this Marshall set is a good thing if you use it for what it's made for.a head will sound more organic and these day's they are even are midi (most are) but the JMP-1 +EL34 100/100 +1960A set is a great rack set and it's stereo! with MARSHALL sound not more not less. It gives me a lot of fun!!!!!

and that's afterall what it's all about.......


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