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Sound Quality

I play a 1972 Tele Reissue with a Seymore Duncan Hot Rail Pickup at the bridge. I paired up the head to a Marshall 4x12 with 75w Celestions. I bridge the bass channel into the normal channel and get the clearest fullest sound ever. This amp is amazing for clean sounds. I'm a rock guy, but this thing is great as a clean amp. Don't even try and get distortion through it, you'll juist frustrate yourself. The sound is clean with a tiny amound of drive to it, and it is LOUD!


I recently purchased it, and so far have not had any issues. It's a 67, so if it still works after that long, I can't imagine it's that bad of a design. Tubes look to be replaced, as well as caps. Transformers are original, as well as everything else.

General Comments

I love this amp. I also play through a Marshall JCM 800, and with that as my distortion, and this Fender as my Clean, I could ask for nothing more. sounds amazing, and for the price I paid, it was practically a steal.

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