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Sound Quality

ibanez rg 350 with dimarzio fred and paf pro,i play blues rock clasical and all in between and this baby does em all,it s niosy only if you get close to it with your guitar at full volume,the cleans are very warm and the tube saturation can go from bluesy overdrive to full shred saturation if you want crunch this thing as plenty to spare,,think of a train going throug your house now thats crunch im abel to get any marshal sound with a little tweak and yes the tubes in there do make a difference i change them fromm time to time to experiment and it makes a big difference in tone sustaine and feel..


never broke yet and it s 13 years old..

General Comments

ive been playing for 22 years i would definetly by this again,i love the sound of this machine it s a powerfull tone builder,i tried lots of gear in my days so far this is the best tube preamp for me,

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