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Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

Sounds can be great for a digital tube driven preamp. Don,t forget the voodu is created more than 14 years ago(chameleon) Yes folks a Voodu Valve is a chameleon with a tube(some parameters settings have differences) Again sounds can be great but can also be crap if you don,t tweak the Voodu as it should. I have two complains: 1 The voodu has switching pops. Between any sounds clean or distorted,sometimes it gets real anoying. If you don,t use the speakersim it seams a little less but still its there. 2 There are digital noises(Pacman digital computer sounds) when you don,t play even when you use the Hush(noisereduction). That makes the Voodu less usefull one stage and i wonder why i don,t hear and reed more about this problems from other users. Maybe Rocktron solved those problems on later models??(i have an older model with the voodu geek on the front) If anyone could thell me ?? Because if the Voodu didn,t have those problems i would give it a 10. Now its a 10 for sounds but a 2 for practical use on stage. that makes a 6.


I owne the Voodu for 10 years and only had one problem.(midi input defect),and it was quikly repaired. Had always good experiences with Rocktron gear(intellifex,replifex and midi mate). Its pro stuff.

General Comments

I play for over 30 years guitar and play various styles like old school hard-rock but also sympho rock and blues.

The voodu Valve is real good toneshaping tool if you take the time and tweak.

At this moment i only use it in studio recording setup(i find it not useable live due to its switchingpops and digital noises).

If you compare it to modern time digital preamps like line6 POD,

Vox tonelab and others than the voodu sounds more real and has better effects and you can shape the sound more to your personel needs.

(You can shape stereo direct sounds that are amazing).

But live I prefer a good tube preamp(hafler T3, Mesa Boogie studio preamp) with an effectproccesor(Rocktron Replifex,intellifex).

Again if the Voodu didn,t had those anoying digital noises and switchingpops it would be a real great live and recording multi effects preamp.

Now its only a great recording preamp with good effects.



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