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Fender Fender Starcaster Strat Rock Band Electric Guitar Value Pack

Sound Quality

It has a very clear sound which I like. The humbucker maybe a little to bright and screamy when you switch on the overdrive, but not really bad sounding. The coils sound really dynamic and it has that twangy strat sound. I just played it for a while and then switched to my Highway1 (also SSH config.) and it sounded all dull and allmost dead in comparison. I have to check if there is something wrong with it, it would be strange to have my precious USA Fender outplayed by my cheap asian Fender. :o) When I first got the guitar it sounded like crap, so I changed strings and let my local guitar dealer do his magic stuff with trussrod and so on, and then it really came to life.


The only thing that probably may need attention in the future is the switch (feels a little "jingly") and maybe the pots will give up sooner than on a more expensive guitars.


General Comments

Been playing on and off for 25 years and had a number of guitars.

For the money (I mean 89 bucks!) this one cant lose. Im allready thinking about getting another of these arrow heads.





Reviewer's Background

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