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Sound Quality

What can i say about the sounds? Channel one is clean, bright, and true. You can hear every single note ring out with vivid clarity. Channel two was created perfectly. One can dial in just the right amount of gain to get a great soft crunch. Channel 3, just awesome. I have to say i never sounded better soloing. I put a boss reverb/delay through the loop, and this baby makes your guitar sing.


Did not own it long enough


General Comments

Overall i am very happy with the amp. However, my main reason for writing this review is not to tell you how much i like the amp. I want to make people aware of some of the minor nuances. As previously stated, i am not to happy with channel two and three sharing the same e.q. Also, when you switch between all channels, you clearly hear a loud click/pop. Lastly, i think bogner could have added a bit more gain for the third channel. I am always searching for that extra gain to get longer sustain. These are just my experiences. If you own this amp, reach out to me, i would like to know your opinion on the issues i've discussed.


Reviewer's Background

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