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Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

I wrote a review before, wanted to make an update. You really have to get in and seriously edit it. You can turn off the digital distortion and it will act like nearly any tube preamp I have ever heard. The tube is actually real, you have to get in and turn it on properly. You can get great dynamics too, like SRV playing, but you gotta trick out the eq's, tube settings and such, and I turn off the hush. This thing likes tube power amps. But I play direct with headphones through an analog mixer. Makes a great direct box. Turn off the digital clipping and it will sound like a marshall or a fender. The speaker sim kind of sucks though. The effects are ok I guess, not bad for digital. The chorus and phaser are good. The tremolo is decent. Pitch shift sort of lags a bit at times from the note. Delay is decent. Reverb isn't too hot but useable. You'll need a midi pedal for it if you want to control it. You can also bypass all the effects too. It has two gain modes low and high. Low mode has digital clipping. I turn it off. High gain is metalhed tube distortion. Hush hahaha. Well, I didn't buy it for the hush. You can get alot of different sounds out of this. If you need one preamp that can do a wide range of sounds, and are willing to spend alot of time editing it it is worth the money. If you do not understand how to setup gear you will find this thing is not very good. This is a great box for people who understand how to tweak it out correctly.


General Comments

I rate this even higher now, it is a good bang for the buck. It's cheap, so if it got stolen I could replace it. This thing can do a wide range of sounds with alot of tweaking. The factory presets mostly suck.


I play everything from blues and jazz, bossa nova, metal, hard rock. I like to play everything I can learn. I think that makes you a more versatile musician instead of being a one trick pony. I practice every day, scales and all. It's the only way if you want to seriously play and not be a tab tard all your life.

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