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Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

Just direct with a strat. It's not too noisy. Has a dirty pot. HUSH? WTF? It doesn't give me any problems like other people complain about. The effects. They are ok if you edit them. Most of the presets are way over the top and nasty. Sound quality is alright. I traded for this with a real shitty digital gear I had. This thing sounds much better than that junk. But at the store they had it hooked up to some seriously nice tube power amp. I figured the reason they hooked me up to such a nice rig for a reason ;-) I like the few bluesy/texas patches, the gain stuff sounds like sh*t mostly to me, but it does really good clean stuff. It has a few decent effects, a nice pitch shifter and few others. All the presets are massively nasty over the top super hyper processed junk to make it sound fat. It can sound very good if you take the time to remove all that over-the-top crap. The thing that bothers me about this is that the thing is hardwired to certain effect patches, you can't choose what you want you are stuck to a few various effect chains. They should have made it modular. Really lame IMHO. If you don't have much interesting gear, this will sound good enough. It's imho one of the better digital preamps around.


I have no idea.

General Comments

I mostly just mess around, blues, rock, metal.


If it got stolen I would just get myself a real tube preamp next time.


It's a fun toy. It's ok. I don't play professionally it's just for fun. It is the best digital guitar effects unit I have had so far.


I chose this mainly because I only had a real {censored}ty digital box and needed something better. When I demoed it, it sounded much better than my old box, despite the trickery of the tube power amp. It sounds ok. But I don't play like eddie van halen, and I don't care much for the zillion van halen patches on it either. Stevie ray patch is decent. A few others. The rest get edited away.

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