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Sound Quality

This unit models effects, classic effects. As such, it is like having 15 or so stompboxes at your disposal in one unit. Some reviews complain about a clean patch, the answer is to turn off all effects except drive. Set drive to Classic Comp with drive OFF, level 7.3, and Treble/Middle/Bass 10 each. Bing. Sounds just like your guitar when in bypass mode. Others complain about the need for two buttons to get bank down. That one is irksome, but my website below has the answer. http://www.dominocs.com/ToneWorks Go there to find out how to get a perfect clean patch. Go there to find out how to get a one-button bank down switch. Go there to find out what effects are modeled. Go there.


General Comments

Most everyone is jumping on the Amp modeling units and the bigger names like BOSS and LINE6. Good for us, as the prices for the KORG units are staying low. I sold my AX1000 and got an AX1500G. It's the same pedal effects-wise but gives you two drive/cab settings for each patch, kind of like a two-channel amp.

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