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Teddy G4THT

crate V Series V18-112 18W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I play a G&L ASAT with the stock pups and typically play stones, who, clapton, ccr - classic rock stuff. This amp suits this type of genre perfectly. As many have said here the amp is pretty bassy and the reverb cannot be fine tuned because once you get past about 2-3 on the reverb you will be bouncing off into surfer city - just keep it low and it will be ok. I also typically crank the treble and keep the bass and mid pretty low to compensate for how bassy this amp can be. By working with the amp level and gain and my guitar vol I can really get some tasty tones. After always having played through a solid state and effects processor I finally know what my guitar really sounds like. Very cool.


Have only had for about a month but now problems at all. Never had a problem with my solid state crate 65 watt either. The hamdle and the metal corners both seem very solid. Knobs are metal, turn very smoothly and have a nice feel to them.

General Comments

Been playing since I was 12 - now 42. Just a hobbiest. Have a Fender Bassman, G&L ASAT, Yamaha AEX 800, Alvarez and Takamine acoustics, a couple Digitech pedals, RP100, Bad Monkey, Dunlop Volume pedal.


Would love to own a Vox, Fender or Peavey classic tube amp but goodness, for $150 this cannot be beat and it looks very cool too.

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