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Sound Quality

i play jazz, funk and rock fusion. this instrument does it all! i use a yorkville bassman 100w and a lovetone meatball. i can get every sound from a warm vintage tone to the likes of mike gordon. the barts make this bass perfect for the studio and stage alike. they are the quietest bass pickup on the market. this bass has the best response to every nuance of my playing style, i couldnt ask for more!


very simple: this bass is MADE OF GRAPHITE! i could throw it off a building and it would still play better then anything else. an easy 10

General Comments

i have been playing for five years and i wanted to get a serious bass that i could enjoy playing and feel comfortable keeping in climates with weather and high pressure changes (Canada). if it were stolen i would have to buy another modulus. they have me hooked! i would compare this bass to the mastery of a custom company like fodera. this bass is everything i could ask for before dishing out 5 grand. Get this bass! it is an instrument to experience!

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