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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

wow, this thing is great. at first i didnt like it at all because i was running it through a behringer v-ampire head. now that i have upgraded to a b-52 at-100 all tube head, it is great. when i got my new amp i noticed it doesnt have as good as sustain as a solid state, so i was going to get a compressor, but then i pluged this thing up and no need. i dont use it as a pedal itself, i use it more as a booster. i keep it on all the time (even when clean, because i like tool and they just roll down the volume on guitar instead of switching channels so it gives me that kind of sound) and it sounds great. it adds clearity to my sound and gives me more sustain, and it sounds like my amp, not a pedal... o yah did i mention i got it for 30 bucks. i use my like this level-5 high-6 low-6 gain-0. it helps alot


made out of medal, seems very sturdy to me.

General Comments

great pedal. i play tool to seether and it just add sustain and clearity. once you turn it off everything just sounds dull. i love it.

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