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IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra Workstation

Sound Quality

These sounds are old and come from the well known and widely used Miroslav library. These sounds have a reputation for being warm, emotional and of very high quality. I love it myself with the strings being my favorite. You will recognize them from the movies at once. That would be the easiest way to describe it, sounds "hollywoodish", some might call it cheesy but that is a matter of taste. I would also mention that some of these soundbanks are very playable too. Some other libraries have sounds that can be hard to play, but Miroslav feels good. I would rather send a keyboard player in a band on stage with this plugin running on a laptop than using a Korg Triton or other workstations you often see on stage.



General Comments

This is unit is both good and crap. The sounds are amazing and the internal effects are ok. But this units interface is so bad and unpractical for doing large orchestral works that I would not advice anyone working on a higher level spending money or time on this before IK upgrade it to a v2.0 with a better solution for switching between articulations and dynamics.


PLugin seem to drain little CPU and are stabile.

Reviewer's Background

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