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Sound Quality

Great. It took a little time to find the "sweet spot" for the pickup, but now I've got a nice upright bass tone going. I recommend flatwound strings - not only for more of an upright tone but because the plastic head REALLY picks up string squeak. I play what might be called "avant-garde new American primitive" - influenced equally by John Fahey and John Cage. It's worked out great for me. My usual electric has great sustain, and is good for certain application, but the Bass Banjo has a sound you won't hear anywhere else. It doesn't have a lot of variety, no, and acoustically it could be a bit louder (a resonator would help in that regard) - but since it gets such a good pickup sound I don't imagine myself ever micing it, anyway.


It seems pretty tough so far. I've had mine about six months - a decent enough breaking in period. I've primarily used it in the studio, and a couple of live gigs. I am known for being pretty tough on my instruments, though, and it seems to be holding up fine. We'll see how it does over the long haul.

General Comments

This has been a great addition to my arsenal - which is, admittedly, full of odd instruments like this one. It won't replace my Ibanez electric for "rocking out" but for a more relaxed country / folk, and for classical-style playing it's been tops. I would definately purchase another, at the same price, were it stolen. For the MSRP I might want a skin head thrown in, though...

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