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Sound Quality

Forgoing and overblown ¿¿¿look at me¿¿¿ description of my gear, I¿¿¿ll simply say that I play S.D. Hotrail loaded Fender Strats into a 100 watt Marshall tube amp with a 4/12. I got this pedal with the hope that it would sweeten up the clean channel, and the ONE sound that it produces does that OK; but when playing at higher volume, you have to turn the pedal off because you can hear a hissing oscillation otherwise. That¿¿¿s a big ole¿¿¿ F minus in my book and earns this pedal the stamp of ¿¿¿Not For Professional Use.¿¿¿ It will allow you to replicate something like the intro to ¿¿¿Message In A Bottle,¿¿¿ but most chorus pedals will.


I've had some unexpected STRANGE noises and squeals come from this unit. Also, the little nuts that hold the jacks in place are constantly falling off.

General Comments

If you have NO equipment budget, are just starting out and buy it used, or otherwise get one cheap; I suppose this would be OK. If you're looking to add a chorus pedal to your live / gig pedal board or need one for recording, this is NOT an option. It sucks to use at higer volumes. If it were stolen, I'd laugh that someone had comitted a crime in the name of a DOD chorus pedal and hope that it let out a crazy SQUEAL in the middle of their show. I don't own any other DOD gear, but this chorus pedal fails the test. I'm looking into a Visual Sound, T.C., or maybe even an Analogman as a replacement and hope to get 5 buck for this thing on eBay.


It BLOWS F'N MY MIND that some people have given this unit favorable reviews.

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