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Sound Quality

I'm using a Jackson 7 string , a Roland GR-1 Guitar synthesizer,an Ibanez Dlx , and a Galveston clear plexiglas strat with the unit and all the guitars sound incredible. You could plug a plastic toy guitar into this processor and still get an unbelievable sound ! Right now I'm plugging straight into my cpu with a Midiland MX-2 speaker system and it still sounds great. I've also plugged it into a Carvin 100 watt 212 solid state amp, ran it thru the clean channel (of course) and the sound was awesome.


I've only had it for a couple of months but I've owned several Digitech processors and they've all sounded great and they were very reliable. I dont like the sound of the new Digitech processors that are out now, dont waste your money on them. Go for the 2101, 2112 , 2120 , RP-20, RP-14 , RP-7 or the chrome Valve FX rackmount. They all have 1 to 2 12AX7 preamp tubes in them and they all sound fantastic without tweaking the programs. I've owned the GSP-5, RP-50 & RP-80 (solid state pedals,they sound ok)the 2101 (my fav),the RP-7(awesome), the RP-12(solid state, sounds great)I trust them all. Any unit can break down on you if its not treated right no matter what brand name it is.

General Comments

I've been playing for over 30 years. Started when I was 6 years old.I play rock, metal, classical, all styles pretty much to keep the fun in playing and to increase my understanding of music and my versatility. It covers all these styles and more perfectly. If it were stolen I would buy one of the favs I mentioned in the reliability part of the review. There are a few I have'nt owned like the 2112, 14, 20 , valvestateFX but basically the 2101 Artist version 3.0 in my opinion is the culmination of all these great Digitech effects processors so I'm really happy to have it.

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