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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

15+ Customized guitars. Run the JMP-1 (one output) dry center thru BBE462 into MOSVALVE 500 into custom JBL 4x12. Run JMP-1 (second output) thru Lexicon MPXG2, SGS-2101A, BBE462, into MOSVALVE 500 into 2EA L/R custom 1x12 G12-80 Cabs. Two midi controllers for the entire rig: MPX-R1 and FC-2101A. Easiest setup and tear down in my life.


I'm buying a second one for backup

General Comments

I still use 2EA Mesa VTwins in the studio for heavy modern crunch sessions. The Marshall harmonics are nowhere else to be found on this planet period. Kudis to great engineering to capture the magic.

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