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Sound Quality

This pedal is excellent. I have a Yamaha Hy-10G3 (probably the worst amp ever made), an epiphone s210 (korean, strat clone, stock pickups, lousy) and a Maxx Distortion pedal (terrible). Before I had this pedal, I thought that the sound was very weak. Y`see, this sh*tty amp has EQ knobs, but they are nearly useless. It always sounds like a "flat EQ", with all the freqs on 0 db. The dist. pedal is horrible, no eq settings, whatever... BUT WHEN I PLUGGED THIS PEDAL, I JUST COULDN`T STOP SMILING!!! It gave one hell of a kick in the ass to the sound. I plug it before the amp, and the change in the sound is awesome. Simply incredible. Some people here is says that this thing hisses a lot, whatever. I have the cheapest single coils out there, AND THERE`S NOT A BIT OF HISS ON MY SOUND. It sounds great overall. But a Metal Zone is coming soon!! (I`ve heard that combo, ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!) I play a lot of Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy, Slayer, Anthrax, some Pantera, and I can get kinda close to their sound. And if I can`t, the sound is awesome anyway!!!! THUMBS UP!!!!!!


Steel. As tough as they come (BOSS). Undestructible.

General Comments

This is a very important piece in my gear. If it got stolen, lost, or whatever, I would run to the store and buy it again. Godd work on this one, BOSS. Keep it up!!!

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