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Sound Quality

When I first bought this pedal, I used it with a 40 watt Crate amp. I used it in line, and it sucked appropriately. I hardly used it. Then, a while ago I got the Peavey 5150, and ran this flanger in the effects loop. Surprise, still sucked....only it sucked LOUDER this time. And unlike many of the newer boss pedals, there is no Effect volume control. Basically, this boss flanger is the most METALLIC sounding doorstop I have ever heard. The only time I use it is to just get a weird noise or effect. I bought this pedal in order to get classic flanger effects ala Van Halen, Queen, Extreme, etc. This pedal WILL NOT GET THOSE SWEEPING JET SOUNDS. It will get, however, sweeping tin and metallic sounds. Ever put you tongue on the end of a 9 volt battery? You know that metallic taste? That is how this pedal sounds. Now I just have it to make strange noises. You could try to get a decent chorus out of this pedal, only it will sound like chorus in a tin can. Wish I could recommend a good flanger, but I've never heard any except the old MXR's, and they are EXPENSIVE, if you can even find them.


In the 7 years I have owned this pedal, it has never failed in any way. It turns on and off fine, and while the effect sucks in horrific ways, to its credit, it sucks consistantley, and without fail.

General Comments

Overall, avoid this pedal. If you want a flanger that sounds tinny, metallic, digital, and fake, this is the pedal for you. Otherwise, look for an old MXR. Seriously, I'd really like to have someone post in here if they have ever heard a nice flanging pedal. I tried every suggested setting on the internet for this pedal, and they all sounded awful. My own settings sound awful. Do yourself a favor. If you want chorus, buy a Boss or other chorus pedal, don't use this one. If you want a flanger, good luck. lol.

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