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Sound Quality

I have a VOX CAMBRIDGE 15' amp... and a tagima strato guitar(brazilian one) my signal gets trough: GCB-95 Cry Baby > TS-9 clone > Sansamp TRI-A.C. > Dano EQ > FX65 DOD Chorus > and a Dan-Echo box. The quality is very good, but only at full delay time and depth controls you will get really sound modulation. the speed i use on 5 for a slow chorus and full for more radical and fast modulations. i buy it cause i like the sound of Eric Johnson gets. and i go really close in his sound, of course a 60's, 70's Fender guitar it's the more imporant thing. i belive if i get one fender strato vintage unit... i can the same vibe of his sound... off course on my gear limits, it's a economical set but very trully sound.


i get this chorus for 3 days only...until now it's take me no trouble. but i will take other similary unit on a gig.

General Comments

i play blues, reggae, rock, funk, heavy. i think this unit better than any boss pedal on the market today.

it's sound very good to me.

i live in Brazil

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