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Sound Quality

The sound on this guitar is very good, it has been designed to be light, but have a rich sound as well, quite difficult to do but it pulls it off. Only problem I have sometimes is a bit of weakness on the low E when playing clean, but it isn't bad, and using thicker strings can help.


I haven't had any problems with this guitar, either gigging or recording. I tend to not alter the tuning drastically, I keep my S2020 in dropped D and use an Ibanez RG for regular E tuning. This is because the Floyd Rose is very difficult to tune quickly, especially in between E and dropped D, the middle strings tend to go out and then you're stuck tuning everything over and over for the next ten minutes. If you're going to buy this guitar, then you probably own other guitars anyway, so this shouldn't be a problem.

General Comments

I have been playing for six years or so, and I play through Boss pedals, a Power Driver PW-2, Super Overdrive SD-1, and a Compression Sustainer CS-3 in that order, then into a Marshall AVT150 Head and 1960 Lead cab. I hate this amp and I'm buying a Hiwatt Custom 100 at the moment which are fantastic and beautiful sounding.

I love this guitar, and haven't even looked at other guitars since buying it, the piezo is fantastic and you can get a very Shellac-esque sound out of it with the Super Overdrive.

I tried loads of other guitars in this price range, but this one just shouted at me.

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