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Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Insanely sweet distortion for the heaviest metal. Not only is it heavy but it retains incredible clarity and articulation. I really like the EMG 707's for this reason. The extended neck also helps give the guitar super clear distortion and the picking dynamics are also top notch. Makes my other 7 String (schecter A-7 diamond series with Blaze7 in the bridge and an air norton 7 in the neck) sound wimpy. Nice thick and full sound. I couldn't ask for more. Makes my digitech gsp2101 preamp sound better than I ever thought it would, and I already loved the sound of it to begin with. Extremely high quality sound.


Seems to be built like a tank. I like the fact that the harware is painted this way it wont rust or anything. Finish is gorgeous and the body binding is a nice touch this; won't chip easily. Strap buttons are nothing special: standard button spots. I don't see this guitar letting me down anytime soon.

General Comments

I've been playing guitar for six years now and recently got into 7 strings. This guitar is perfect for me. Super heavy and clear sound with a unique tone. Awesome looks. The extended scale is killer. Everything about this guitar is perfect and at a third of the price of ibanez's high 7 string models, this thing will easily blow any of them out of the water. Ibanez is a rip off and Schecter rules- no contest necessary. It has killer playability, action, and the best damn 7 string sound I've ever heard. Buy one and be as happy as I am.

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