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Sound Quality

I use an Ibanez RG custom with dimarzio evolutions at the moment through a boss cs-2 compression sustainer (which took me ages to work out how not to sound rubbish, but works really well now, is always on), an SD-1, a US Big Muff Pi, the flanger, then a Boss RV-3 (something everyone should own), into a Hiwatt DR103 and a standard 1960A. This pedal does add a slight hiss when you tread on it, but this is not really important. The effect is very strong and can be quite difficult to temper, it sticks out a lot if you're too over zealous with the depth and resonance. But if you like that, then it's cool.


Only anti-theft clamps would make it more dependable, for if it ever got nicked. I can't see it, or anything else made by Boss, ever breaking.

General Comments

I use it for heavy rock type of stuff, Isis, Mastodon, Tool, and I like it. I think it's a handy pedal for lighter stuff though, flanging is nice.

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