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Sound Quality

An update from my previous review of 11/07/2004 from James Acker (me). I know lots of folks are aware of a severe noise problem with these pedals. It may manifest itself more in higher gain, epsecially tube amps, and by high gain I don't mean jsut Metal, I mean also blues when you are on the lead channel. It was unusable because of the added noise. Well, a short time after reviewing it, I bought the Brian Wampler mods for the GE-7. He sent them, they were sitting on a shelf while I bought other pedals...I finally got around to trying out the mods. I seem to have misplaced some parts, but am fixing that, meanwhile I did the replacement of the three IC chips, that is part (not all...there are also 3 capacitors to change out, I need to reaquire these) of the whole mod. It was EASY, took about 30 minutes total and that was with obsessive checking-rechecking. Could have done it in 20. Piece of cake. NOW...even with only half the mod done, this pedal is all I dreamed it should be. It is crystal clear, it adds that sparkle, it does exactly what it is supposed to, and what I hoped it would when I bought it. So far noise free. Wamplers' mod is great. I will install the three caps, and may even do some of the tone stack adjsutmetnts (can get deeper bass, clearer mids with a few other cap changes). I rated this pedal, no I rate it with HALF of the wampler mods (the IC tradeout) at a 9. It is truly a 9. Bet it goes to 9.5 with the rest of the mods. I am SO happy with this pedal now, I kicked another good pedal off my board (space limitations) as I see that this little box can really make a good amp/guitar great, and an already great one, just over the edge to REALLY great. I recommend this pedal with the mod to ANYONE! Completely safe it will work out for you.


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