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Deering The Goodtime 2 Banjo

Sound Quality

Sounds great. Even the girlfriend thinks it sounds good. I also stuffed three dishtowels in the back to dampen it and it sounds good muted too. Up toward the neck, it is very playable, easy picking. Sounds very nice and mello. At the bridge its a great twang for bluegrass breaks, but not over tinny. Bright with good deep sound too. For the price, the sound is really really good. I want to give it a 9, but I think it deserves a 10 based on price alone.


I think live gigs will be fine. Haven't done it yet and don't plan to and haven't had it long enough to see the wearability. The frets could use a bit of TLC but that's no biggie. Maple, so that's good wood, fairly dense. I think this will last a lifetime.

General Comments

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