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Sound Quality

I am using my self built Les Paul style axe with 'Golden Age overwound humbucker pickups with coil taps, and with mini switches for each. I tend to like the fuller Humbucker sound plus there is a big volume drop if you switch to single coil. I play in a church worship team and our songs vary from hymns through to rock style where I like to play with some distortion and effects. Like many others I like the Fender Black 2x12 and Tweed 4x10 for clean channels amd UK 80's, modern and Numetal distorton. At full gain this is pretty brutal. I have'nt figured out properly yet how to adjust all the effects and noise reduction but at the volumes I play at N.R is not needed.


Time wiill tell regarding reliability, but what I can say is both the music stores in our town sell Vox amps and have told me they have little problem with them. As well in NZ we have the Consumer guarantee act which means all products sold new must be guaranteed for a minimum of one year.

General Comments

I have been playing guitar for about 7 yrs and have built two all solid wood acoustics, and a L.P shaped electric. I mainly play electric with our worship team as we usually have an acoustic and electric combination with guitar players. I recently sold one of my acoustics plus traded in my Fender 15G and Korg Ampworks to help finance this amp. Contrary to other reviewers I love the Chrome grill which sets it apart from all other amps. It makes a statement; Look at me. I was originally going to buy a Line 6 Spider 30 but our music shops didn't sell them and said the Vox sound was far better. I think I will enjoy this amp even more, as I get to know all the quirks and settings for it.

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