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One Way Jesus-U3JX4

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

The first time I ever played this amp was at our church and as soon as I hit the first chords the drummer rekoned it sounded awesome even though I was using the factory preset channel one with chorus. ( I dont know what amp type it supposed to be). I didnt have time to experiment so played everything with the same channel that day. I don't need brutal distortion which it has in bucketloads and dont need huge volumes as we are miked. There is some noise when the amp is turned on full power and high volume but I'm sure the noise reduction will kill this, but as I said already I don't need that sort of volume.


Hoping it is. In New Zealand we have a consummer law which means all new products sold must have a one year minimum guarantee so thats better than the 90 day Vox one. I wiil reserve my decision here and hope it is reliable.

General Comments

I tried various brands and ran hot and cold over both valve and transistor amps and was going to buy a Line 6 until I found none of our music stores sold them and they both raved about the sound quality of the Valvetronics. I was going to get a 30 watter but liked the idea of a 12 inch Celestion speaker universally rated as probably the best brand amp speaker made. I like the idea of minimal setup time without pedals. I have a two into one adaptor so I can have both guitar lead and a short patch lead for my tuner which sits on top of the amp so ther is no unplugging required for tune up. By the way I have a self built Les Paul style axe with "Golden Age" high output overwound humbuckers which have a nice grunty sound, and as well have coil taps for both for a more jangly Strat type sound which I dont use very often.

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