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Sound Quality

I think this amp sounds quite awesome.The modern tones are a little weak. But thats not what I bought this amp for.I personally love the Tweed,Blackface, and British settings. Tube sound? Well,it's close enough for rock n roll. The amp is very touch responsive.When you dig in, it gets very punchy. That's what I like! Clean with just a bite of distortion. I use a Am Fender Fat Tele and a Photoflame Tele. All the effects sound awesome. A little bit of a pain to write custom settings( you have to hold three buttons down and turn the amp off , then back on??!!). I think that is a poor design. It makes for difficult last minute changes. I also think the midi is weak..No midi mapping. I have a Yamaha processor( I think getting to be almost 20 yrs old) and it has midi mapping. I bought this amp for a gigging amp. Which is what this amp mainly is. Though I think the amp definately sounds good enough to record with.That's not all the midi problems.(see other reviews below).I'd rather play my guitar than go on and on.... I play mostly pop rock.


Had for two weeks so far. The footboard cable was defective and I replaced it with a standard MIDI cable and it's been working perfectly. I own 3 Fender amps currently and probably 10 to 15 over my career and I've never had a major problem with any of them. Maybe a fuse or bad tube here and there but nothing that stopped me midway into a gig. I'll give Fender a 9 for the bad cable.


General Comments

This is a superb amp! I don't mean to give such glowing praise but when you have been looking for that sound that your brain and your heart knows is right and then you find it you get a little excited. Please remember that this amp reveals itself to you as you dig into it. You need to spend time with it and experiment. I don't use the models but I absolutely love the different amp types in the manual mode. My favorites are Tweed and Modern. Although it doesn't have a speaker out jack it does have a wierd jack on the back that allows you to plug it into another amp and get true stereo. The chourus and phaser are excelent. The reverb is better than most tank reverbs I have used because it is consistent and unaffected by flourescent lights.


Reviewer's Background

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