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Sound Quality

It can get noisy on the Original Crybaby(High) setting when you pushthe pedal all the way down, but all wah wah's do. The six differentmodes are really great, very easy to switch em with a knob on the side.The vintage sound (3rd mode) is pretty good, It can get a prettydecent hendrix wah in the style of Voodoo Child(Slight Return). TheBass mode is kindof useless unless you're using the thing with a bass,or with a drop C tuning, or a seven string guitar with a low B. Though,I guess someone could probably find a use for this thing.


It's die cast metal, it should last a while, I dunno if I'd use it withouta backup because of the plate on the bottom, it doesn't seem that solid.I've heard of the knob for switching the frequency ranges breakingoff, but, knowing how some people treat their equipment it's not surprising.I can't really give it a number, I havent had it long enough.

General Comments

I would definitely buy it again. I really like the boost on it, and the factthat the boost can be switched on and off with a button on the side. Icompared it to a Vox, and to an Original Crybaby and I just liked thefrequency ranges it had a lot better, and the boost and that. This is theperfect unit, I don't want anything more or anything less. I don'tlike the idea of a fuzz being built in, I prefer to use a qualityfuzz box that's seperate from the wah.

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