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Sound Quality

Sound quality is outstanding. In live settings, the amp has a well balanced tone. At least mine is not too bright like most gain amps that I have played. I play it through a 2x EV12L cab and a 2x12Eminence cab. Has a woody tone and is not so fizzy and bright like many Marshalls gets a very thick single lines especially with P90's. Clean not as round as vintage Fender but actually is more useful as a result.


Never had a problem with it in 10 years of using it live.


General Comments

I have owned Soldano x99, Two Rock Custom, Bogner Classic, Fender Prosonic, Fender Twin, Marshall and MesaBoogie. The Bogner is the best all around workhorse for live playing hands down. The only reason I rate it an 8 rather than a 10 is that as far as a value goes, a $4K amp should be great and it is no bargain. It performs awesome for an awsome price.

Reviewer's Background

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