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Sound Quality

I find myself going back and revising my previous reviews a lot lately, probably because the more I use my musical toys the more I learn about them...even though in the Supra's case I've owned and played this pedal for at least ten years. Anyway, I was a little harsh on it before. I want to up the sound quality rating to a 7.5+ because: 1) If you don't pay attention to what's printed on the box, i.e. "distortion", and don't expect as such from the sound, it actually makes more sense as a quasi-fuzztone. Remember that this pedal's circuit is essentially identical to the FX52 Classic Fuzz, the only apparent difference being two diodes. 2) It seems to depend on the guitar used. I recently switched to my Epi Les Paul as my main Twiggy axe, and its warm middy humbucker tone seems to sound better through the Supra than the bright single-coil tone of my Lotus str@t. 3) Turning down the tone contriol on the Supra to about 12:00 softens the pedal's harshness. 4) The amp also makes a difference. When I wrote my last review of this pedal I believe I was still using my Laney HC50, a notoriously brittle, lousy sounding amp. My Peavey Bandit 112 Transtube sounds much nicer, and it helps the Supra out a bit. The result is something that sounds more reasonable than I gave it credit for before. I guess it sounds kinda Big Muffish.


General Comments

I still concede that the Supra Distortion will probably not please metalheads and tone snobs. And it does seem finicky about having the right guitars and amps. But I think it's not that it's a bad pedal (I never said it was) but rather a matter of semantics combined with DOD's peculiar product-similarity thing.


The Supra Distortion seems to NOT be a distortion, a'la the Boss DS-1, but rather a somewhat modified FUZZ pedal, or rather somewhere between those two sounds. I gather that this pedal came before the Classic Fuzz which is electronically and sonically so similar, but the whole connection is confusing. If you judge this pedal as a quasi-fuzz rather than as a distortion, it seems to fare somewhat better, although still not as luscious as a boutique or classic type fuzz pedal. It certainly does work well as a general-purpose dirtier-upper, although whether you like the tone depends on your gear setup, your ear, your style of music, etc. Personally I actually like fuzz over distortion, and my Peavey amp provides great tube-style overdrive that the Laney never could, so perhaps this is partly why I'm willing to cast a more favorable opinion these days.


Incidentally, another revealing tidbit of DOD's practices: I noticed that where the Supra's red paint was chipping off there was yellow paint underneath. A closer look revealed the faint outlines of letters under the "Suprsa Distortion" logo. I think it read something-"Overdrive". So, besides creating two products from one, DOD also recycles pedal cases. Very interesting.

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