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Sound Quality

I use a jackson USA rhodes custom with emg 81 in the bridge, that goes into a digitech x series metal master(in my opinion the best distortion pedal on the market), then into the ge7, and then my amp, a fender cyber twin full stack. It's an incredible sound, almost exactly like a mesa boogie mark IV. I've read many people complain about noise from this unit, and it may be true, but i use an extreamly noisy distortion pedal and this thing almost completely eliminates the noise. If i turn the amp all the way up and give about thirty seconds of just sitting there i'll get feedback, but thats it. I've been able to make my rig sound like Slayer to Lamb of God, to Iron Maiden, and back in less than 30 seconds with this thing.


Run it over with a tank, then burn it, then strap it a bomb, and if it's broken, then you got yourself a defective unit, these thing are VERY hard to break.

General Comments

I play straight up thrash metal, this thing is awsome for it, mabey a ten band eq would be better, but i dont want to spend more than 100 bucks for something when i can already get the sound i want, through this. It's a very good deal, one of bosses best. And just for pointers, If your into metal, check out the digitech metal master, it's much better than the mt2, and nothing against boss, but as far as distortion goes, I dont think anything but and engl powerball can beat the metal master. The ge7 is very good.

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