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Sound Quality

Mine is the green label mij version. I opened it up and noticed that it has some highly coveted chips: mn3207 delay chip, mn3101 clock driver and a tc022 op-amp chip. I am not a big flanger guy but I really love what this pedal can do. It's a bit more metallic than other flangers but I was looking for that sound. The metallic sound is definitely organic sounding and completely analog on this unit.  I run this through a vintage 1967 Ampeg Gemini II G15 and would like to point out that the equipment you run this or any pedal through can make all the difference when reviewing a pedal. With my amp, any pedal I run through it will usually perform at it's optimum level. So my review maybe different than someone who is running it through a Line6 or a peavey or what not. Vintage tube amps just seem to handle effects better than newer amps. I have to say that I never had a pedal sound bad through my Ampeg. Something I can't say about my Blackstar HT40 which is a great "newer" tube amp but hit or miss with many pedals.  Nevertheless, this Boss unit is a great buy given what you can get them for. I run mine after my drives and eq. Before my chorus and delay pedals. I consider myself a bit of a vintage snob but I would buy this again over any newer flangers out there going for at least double the price.


No problems. As reliable as any Japanese mass produced product.

General Comments

Real nice flanger. I won't be getting rid of it anytime soon. I don't have any issues with tone sucking or noise. I'm not a big fan of boss effects but they have produced some quality effects through the years. The BF-2 is one of them. Quality components inside(at least with the mij labels) and great analog tone. A very versatile flange that has a lot of tones inside of it. Pick one up before they go up in price to some ridiculous level.

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