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Sound Quality

An awesome little amp that grew on me the more I used it. Initially I thought it sounded quite dark and muddy when cranked and had no clean voice but then I discovered (doh!) that the numbers of, wattage and design of speakers made a huge difference. Ended up with a Celestion 35 watt 12" speaker and found the spot. After reading a couple of forums I swapped the 12ax7 preamp tube for a lower gain 12AY7 and, for me that really did the trick. Tone went from good to awesome and it gained a clean voice at reasonable volumes as well. The amp naturally drives really nicely but it really loves pedals as well - so you can make it sound how you want. With the volume cranked there is little background noise. I play a MIA strat and 2 Maton humbucker loaded guitars through it and they all maintain their character and sound good. I play this at home and can acheive all sorts of good sounds (jazz, blues, rock and filth) at neighbour friendly volumes - turn it up and your ears will ring. I also own a Boogie Nomad 55 amp and find that I love the sound of the junior as much and, because it works at lower volumes, I play the epi more often. My rating with the original 12ax7 = 6, with the 12AY7 = 9.


Because it is so small and light I tend to take it to jams and sessions etc, so it gets transported alot. Plug it in and it always fires up. Been playing it daily for over 18 months and it's never broken down. Fek, at this price you could could buy 4 and just swap them around if they broke.

General Comments

Playing electric since 2002 and this was the best amp purchase ever. I bought it as an experiment and was really surprised by what it delivered. A really simple, cheap, good sounding amp - its a no brainer, buy 2.

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