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Fender 50th Anniversary Strat Plus

Sound Quality

This guitar is the most versatile I've ever played. The neck pickup in particular shines for blues when you roll the TBX tone control back about halfway. The middle and bridge pickups together have that beautiful Hank Marvin sound - really fifties/sixties.


I havn't played this thing outside my home studio. The overall feel is that of an instrument built to Rolls-Royce standards and I wouldn't have any problem gigging with it. It would break my heart if it got nicked or lost though.


General Comments

If I'd had an axe like this 20 years ago I'd be a millionare by now. This thing sings like no other instrument I've ever played. When I pick it up it disappears and the music just comes out. If I ever had to replace it there would be a problem because these are quite rare in my neck of the woods. It is quite simply the best electric guitar I've ever come across bar none. I've owned a few Fenders in my time and a couple of Gibsons but none of them come close.

Reviewer's Background

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