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Tomas Lundström

Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Blackjack 7-String Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

The acoustic sound is awesome. Warm & fat, with incredible sustain. Even if I never used the 7th string, I'd still play the guitar just for the sound! I haven't played it on my amp yet, but I don't doubt that it will be good. If the acoustic sound is OK to begin with, the rest can also be achieved. (I don't think it can do Strat sounds, that's why I have the Strat!).


Solid as a rock. Can't say more at this point, but it is built like a tank. I have a Schecter brass bridge from 1979 on another guitar, and it looks like new still. Schecter IS quality.


General Comments

I have played for 23 years and built about 30 electrical guitars and basses. I currently own two of my own make. I also have a japanese Fender Strat -62 reissue (supposed to be among the best Strats ever made). I have also owned a Les Paul, several Strats and a Jackson.

I really like the Schecter, one of the most solid guitars I have ever played (including my own constructions! :-) Incredible value even at the Swedish currency's sad condition.

Reviewer's Background

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