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Sound Quality

I bought a Guyatone fl-3 which sounds cool :) I was originally after the Boss but I heard such great reviews on the Guyatone. To be honest, I picked this up in near new conditon in a secondhand store for the weird price of 15 British pounds??! so I grabbed it! I must say, I think I prefer the sounds of this Flanger to the one Ive been using and now the Boss sites on the main board! to my ears it has a warm digital sound where the Guyatone has a more natural sound, if that makes sense? they both sound different, I like them both but the Boss fights in best with my playing. Anyway, you can hear the Boss on Blurs/Graham Coxon Albums, its used loads and thats when I first become more aware of it, check out Blurs Popscene track, the intro uses the Boss BF-2, with a high setting, its a great Flanger



General Comments

This Pedal suits me great, I love its sound as found on Blur albums, its very warm. Ive plugged the Boss and the Guyatone Fl-3 in together, you can get some very warm, natural, digital, mixed up, cool sounds :)


anyway, if you dont like this pedal, please check out the Guyatone FL-3, it has its own Flang Sound, I love both pedals

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