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Fender Strat Pak with Frontman 15G Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

i like hard rock, "alternative", and blues. (even some metallica with all the palm muting and hammet solo's) this is good for them all. very versitle guitar, great beginer guitar. use it w/the practice squier champ 15 it came with. i heard a seymor duncan hotrail really helps the sound, or even the cheaper "scorcher" does wonders for the "rock" aspect of the guitar, esp. in the bridge position. (i understand fender single's sux and even more so on this budget guitar, even though a beginner would not know the difference)


the finish is good; i am not kind to this guitar and yet it still looks and plays good after a year. everything seems pretty solid. if i was going to continue with the guitar, however, (it is now belongs to my son) i would put on of the before mentioned coil replacements.


General Comments

for a first guitar this is it. i've had people offer $150 for the guitar and amp. half of what i paid. if your kid is unsure, or more aptly, if you are unsure about your kid's constint request to buy him or her a guiitar, this is the one. with enough time and practice they CAN shed on this guitar, it is good for the dough. You: "once you can shred, dear child, i'll buy you something better. until that day comes, keep practicing." no sense in buying anything more if you are unsure of the commitment. this guitar and amp are more than ample for the beginer.

Reviewer's Background

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