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Sound Quality

Subltle is the word used in many reviews. I use it in stereo through tube amps and a Headrush tape emaluation, also an Artec phaser so I can and do get allot more lush tones out of it. I used to own a DOD stereo chorus in the early 90's and sold all my equipment to buy a house. Now I am back and was very glad to find this used. If you play classic rock keep in mind artists did not have the luxury of digital pedals, so it it hard to say who's sound you will get. It depends allot on your other equipment also. I like to find my own sound.


DOD pedals are very reliable in my opinion.

General Comments

I play classic rock my own music and folk. Been playing since the mid 60's. I would buy another if it were lost. It helps my music and helps me make music. Police this one!! (pick one up)

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