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Fender Fender Starcaster Strat Rock Band Electric Guitar Value Pack

Sound Quality

Yeh the sounds that I will not here anymore after giving it up!


This guitar is ready to rock and who ever winds up with the winning bib on Ebay will think it is Christmas morning.


General Comments

I already posted my collection now minus one Starcaster and who knows what else.


I will say that my 1986 Fender Stratocaster 62 Vintage Reissue is rarer then I first thought as it was built for the 1987 Namm show at the Fender Custom Shop before 1987 when they made the shop official!I bought a three tone Sunburst also a few months after I had bought the fiesta red. I had ordered the first Stratocaster in Fiesta Red in June of 1986 but for 7 months there was no delivery. So I went to complian as it was a Christmas present for 1986 to myself! Finally after the saleman argued with Fender over the phone they offered the spare Feista Red 62 Vintage Reissue from the NAMM Show in January 1987. They told the salemen it had some paint flaws and that it was not going to get the low numbers for the first custom models as they were reserved for some other people like Bill Shultz who got the more perfect Feista Red Stratocaster 62 Vintage Reissue and the serial# V000001. They gave me V022789. Probably mine was the first made but it had paint flaws so they gave MR Shultz the first # and the distinction of having the first made. All I know is mine was made for the NAMM Show and it was not supposed to be sold to the general public but Fender had no more paint mixed in Fiesta Red. Beside this paint looks more orange tham red if you ask me more like Tangerine Red ect. I am pretty sure the neck was stamped 1985 so I ll' have to go look for signatures or initials under the pick guard. I bet this Stratocaster still new as the both of these I own from the Custom Shop in Corona are some of the first ever made after Fender executives bought the company back from CBS in March 1985. If anybody can estimate this still new rare Stratocasters worth please email me at Iselin007@aol.com Who knows I sell a few more Guitars I might be able to get another Starcaster!

Reviewer's Background

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