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Bill Rider

Fender Strat Pak with Frontman 15G Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I like the punk sound and I play mostly, Lucky7, Blink 182, greenday and so on! But I also Play Old School such as the sex pistol, misfits and so on! The sound is ok for the price and it isnt limited but then like anything plug it in to a desent amp and your Rockin!


Yea its a squire it can wiv stand anythin ive dropped it downstairs ive hit people wiv it! and nothin broke but then i knocked it off a chair and the nut broke? so make of that wot u will! The Big boy Squire dont scratch easily! ihave only one scratch on mine and im very clumsy!


General Comments

i give the squire a 7! because if your a begginer and short of a few bob! this is the guitar for you! as it was for me! How ever im going to buy an Epiphone because i love gibsons i just cant afford one! Im torn bettween Flying V and the Les paul standard!




Reviewer's Background

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