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Sound Quality

I use this as a backup to my Fender American Standard Telecaster, but this has sort of taken over. It has a very grungy, mean tone with distortioN (these pickups squeal in a good way) and a fat, bassy clean tone. I recommend using it with light chorus and delay for a good clean tone, and straight into distortion for a biting clean sound. I play a hybrid of Blink-182 (that's what trendy people say) melodies with some pretty mean heavy breaks. This baby chugs it all out. The guitar sounds pretty low-fi, but in a dirty, analog, 60's kinda way. I run it into a Fender solid-state amp or a Roland Jazz Chorus. I plug it into a DOD Death Metal for really heavy breaks, and an EH Big Muff for overdrive/fuzz bits. I run it into many effects (auto-wah, chorus, flanger, phaser, delay, reverb, ring modulater, blue box, guitar synth, etc.) It is very versatile, but not very good for hi-tech recording sessions. My personal preference is running this guitar with the tone and volume knobs cranked, the selector knob on 6, run into an EH Big Muff with all the knobs cranked, into an amp with the bass at 5, mids cut, and treble cranked, with reverb on 4. It sounds very punk.


I fell down walking into my bedroom with this on, and it bounced off the wall and actually chipped the corner of the wall. The guitar does not have a scratch, I wish it was possible to replace the strap buttons with strap locks, but that's just paranoid me. These work fine.

General Comments

Very nice, practical, affordable guitar.

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