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This is Edward Ricart, from before. I just wanted to say that this guitar should have recieved all tens when I reviewed it earlier. It turns out the guitar CAN take strap-locks, you put a dowel in there and put the screw in that, and then plug it into the guitar, I had it done by my guitar tech. Also, the guitar perfectly suits all music. I don't know what I was thinking when I gave the guitar an 8 for action fit finish, sorry. And I did get a response from customer service, if a little late :). I love this guitar, it's punk/ska finish, it's 60's knobs, and it's HEAVENLY tone. I was kind of wrong when I first reviewed it, because I got a Telecaster (Fender US) the same day, so it was overshadowed. Now, I don't put this beauty down. I worship it, and kiss it good night. I recommend the bridge pinkup (position 6) with a dirty amp (bass 5, mid 0, gain 10, treble 10) for a Blink 192 tone. I can't believe the greatness of this.

I' have to go now, I'm just ranting.

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