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Sound Quality

Very very nice. It is WAY too distorted for the solos. It has no sustain unless the volume is cranked. Very noisy, but when you play, it sounds SO SO SO sweet. I use it with a Danelectro DC-3 with the bridge pickup activated or an Ibanez RG-570 or a Fernandes Custom job with the humbucker bridge activated. I like it a lot. Very high output, with distortion output equivalent to being bashed in the head by a group of drunken Irish police-officers. It is very loud. I have a very traditional Punk setup with this pedal in terms of tine. I don't do the cut mids, full bass and full treble most metallers use (a dandy setting, but too copied) I cut the mids, leave the bass right in the middle (12:00) and I put the treble full on. I tend to keep the volume very high (almost full on) and I adjust the clean channel on my Roland JC-120 according to volume demands. Very good for (standard tuning): Pennywise, Blink 182, Metallica, Bad Religion Very good for (tuned down): Creed, Korn, Coal Chamber, Staind, Static-X, Godsmack, Green Day


I use it most of the gig with my punk band (the rest is an EH Big Muff) and all the gig with my alternametal band. Needs an Ac adaptor. Sturdy.

General Comments

A main staple of my live show. A must, for all metallers and punkers who want a good distorted sound, while still keeping a pristine clean amp base to start from. Works with most pedals (minus wah wah, of course) and is best suited with chorus and eq. It is a great, non-versatile, pedal. An exception from most other DOD pedals (minus the buzz box) which are simply non-versatile and crap.

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