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Sound Quality

I use this into my Heavier setup, which is currently Danelectro DC-3 or Ibanez RG-570 into Crybaby|EH Big MUFF|DOD Death Metal|Dano Chorus|Roland JC-120 It is sheer fun No practical purpse (Korn and Limp Bizkit found one, but I can't) With the heavy knob down and the buzz (dist) and saw (treble) up, and the heavy (octave) around 10 o'clock, you get a great punk distortion. even With the heavy all the way down, you can't really get a non-octaved sound. But who cares. This rips on Punkish/metallish solos, and is a good plaything otherwise Very noisy but that adds to the effect! Good with another lighter distortion (Big Muff) on, and heaven with chorus Really freaky with wah!


This is not the kind of effect that you use all gig. I can depend on it being freaky; I've had no reliability problems with it, but it DOES sputter in and out with the heavy knob cranked (that's part of the effect) It has been pretty good with batteries

General Comments

I got this at an awesome price. I use it in my alternametal band much more than in my punk band, but the distortion with light octave is a winner for dual guitar solos. I really think it's a fun little box, and I prefer it to the Blue Box. The Blue Bopx is alittle more calm and predictable, this is more crazy and evil.

I compared it to various octave dividers, but this is the only one that was as crazy.

A collector's item, I bet!

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