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Bruce Beckensen

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Outstanding tone from the Humphrey Audio 'BADDER' Monkey version of this pedal. The stock version is so-so, kinda like a stock Ibanez Tube Screamer except with a low and a high control. I use a stock 70's Strat, an 80's Strat Plus with Texas Special Pups, a 90's Jeff Beck Strat all stock, a 90's Strat Plus with Lace Holy Grails, a '76 les Paul Standard all stock. For amps I have a Dr Z Carmen Ghia head with a Z best 2x12 cab. Also a 1971 Fender Silver Face Twin, a Marshall JCM900 50 watt head with the stock Celestion Cabs, And A Music Man RD50 single 12 combo. This pedal produces drive in the right spot for me, for classic rock, blues, country, and moder rock. It's very quiet for a drive pedal.


No problems in 4 months of rigorous road activity.

General Comments

I'm a professional touring pro sideman. I play country, Rock, Blues, Whatever I get called to go out and do.

Been at it for 30 years.


If I lost this pedal, I'd have another one shipped out to me pronto!

I love the nice medium drive tone this pedal produces. VERY musical and usable. It's responsive and doesn't interfere with my rigs tone.


I've compared it to all the other pedals I own or owned in the past.

It's 1/4 the price, but has the goods where it counts.

The low end is absolutely incredible!

There's nothing I don't like about it really.


I want it to do low to medium overdrive, and respond when I use my volume control on the guitar. It does all that with flying colors.




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