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Bruce Beckensen

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I kept the old one and was able to actually do a side by side comparrison live on stage between the stock one and the Humphrey Audio 'Badder' Monkey pedal. The Humphrey version had MUCH more available low end, and had a less mid rangey, more bold articulate tone. With the GAIN dimed, it won't garble. The tone remains distinct and presence. The notes don't all run together like they do with the stock version and ll other Overdrives I've ever used. My guitar and amp sounded like my guitar and amp overdriven rather than the pedal forcing it's own tone on my rig. I've got to have that, because I have a TON of money wrapped up in my stage gear because I LIKE the tone of my stuff. I don't like anything to change that.


Had this in my pedal board for 6 weeks, and 30 shows all over the country. No problems. I learned about Mark Humphrey from another guitar buddy of mine, Andy Riggs, who tours also. Humphrey is supposedly an awesome pro player who hides out in Nebraska somewhere away from the national music scene and does techs guitars and does these pedal mods to all kinds of pedals. I guess I like the idea of another discerning professional modding my stuff, and I plan to look into more of his creations. Even my on-road guitar tech, Snuffy Burns, (Who doesn't like anything!) Likes the Humphrey Audio stuff.

General Comments

I play Modern country on the road, and Power Blues on my own.

I've been a pro since 1987.

If something happened to this one, I actually have a backup. I sent Humphrey my stock one to mod. If i lost them both, I'd do what it took to get him to send me out another one.


I like how this sounds so good, and is relatively quiet. It has the drive in the right spot for me, and it's better than modded tube screemers because it has a LOW and a HIGH control.


What I hate about it is that it rivals my expensive stuff and costs peanuts. I'm a little bothered by that, especially since I've paid through the nose for some of the effects I have.


My amp setup is all heads and cabinets. I have a Plexi Palace modded Marshall JCM 800, a Peavey 5150, a Marshall Jubilee head, and a modded Fender red knob showman. These are all blowing through Marshall JCM 900 series straight cabs.

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