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Sound Quality

Like I said earlier... AMAZING. It's hundreds of cabs are completely believable, even inspiring. I did try it out with the Fender's power amp and Marshall cab (since I already had it setup for Guitar Rig)... It was like turning the studio's G5 Mac into the best and most flexible live amp (and effects) setup I'd ever used. The delay section is warm and beautiful, the pre and post filter setups are very cool (if a bit tricky at first for an analog junkie).



General Comments

Final verdict: when playing live I prefered the sound going through Trash as a preamp, then coming out of my speaker cab than what came from Trash directly in the studio speakers. BUT once it had gone through the mics (nice ones like Beta 57's, SM 57's, tube condensers, Sennheiser 509's, Beta 87, and others) and came out the (nice) studio monitors, the sound was no better than what came through Trash's cab and mic sims. Maybe not as good actually. Definitely not as easy to work with or to find a killer sound. I didn't get the time to tweak it as much as I wanted, but I'm sure I could make it sound good enough to forget about micing my amp for tours... will the day come when I'll leave my amp at home?!?!?


I didn't find (or try to find) the same sound as my amps... I didn't WANT to! This plugin makes me want to find my own new sound that nobody else sounds like. Maybe I'll regret writing this, but I've already sold some other local artists on this cause it just sounds great. So I thought I'd tell the truth here on Harmony Central.


Congratulations Izotope, you have made me a convert ;)

Reviewer's Background

I've been playing guitar (and some bass) for around 12 years now... Recorded 4 full length albums and participated in a number of other recordings in addition to touring in a dozen nations with the 3 bands I've been a part of. I went in to a friend's studio (Royal Studios - a nice place to record if you are near Lausanne, Switzerland) with one goal: FIND THE BEST GUITAR SOUND POSSIBLE. Ok, three days is not nearly enough for that goal, but I made a few great discoveries... The biggest surprize and best sound (hands down) was Trash. I don't know who the deaf metal head up there is, but this plugin rocks. I had NEVER wanted to use plugins for guitar sound (except maybe to add a bit of reverb or something afterward). Several times the engineers and producers I've worked with have tried to sell me on plugins but it never sounded real... And none of those tracks made it to the final mix. I like warm tube amps like my Fender Twin, my old Marshall JCM800 and the like. After a day and a half of trying every pre-amp, power amp, speaker and mic combinations we could get ahold of, we took a look at some plugins (mostly as a favor to my tweak happy producer friend who runs the studio). I'd already tried Amplitube (1) and Ampfarm before (which were completely fake, cheezy, thin, and pitiful - I could go on) so I didn't waste time with those. Guitar Rig was ok, but no more. I even tried Guitar Rig as a preamp through my Fenders power amp and a Marshall cab with Celestion 30's. It was still "ok" but not as good as my amps. Then we turned on Trash... AMAZING! The first plugin I clicked had better distortion sound with my Gibson Les Paul than anything guitar rig, my Fender twin and even the Mesa Rectifier preamp we'd tried.

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