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Sound Quality

I give it a 10. Way better sound than the new pedals coming out. Blows the GT3 out of the water!


Havne't had a problem with it in 5 years since i got it.

General Comments

Man i had this pedal for a year before the person i got it from actually gave me the manual. And I had already learned everything there was to know about the pedal. Editing patches is totally easy and since i've had the pedal now for about 5 years there hasn't been a single problem with it. When my friend got his roland gt3 he found out the he couldn't get near the sounds that i got with my pedal. His distortion sounded like 60's old rock with a lot of flat bass and treble and mine sounded perfect. Overall i think this is one of the best pedals out there. I picked it up for $500 canadian. Origionally with the 8050 it would come close to $1600. It's a good buy

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